25 Star Baby Names and Their Meanings

Are you going to be a parent to a new little one?

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Here at StarMapJewelry we are always looking for more star baby names for our hypothetical future children.

Whatever your reason, here are 25 star baby names that are note-worthy are fresh and inspiring.

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These star baby names are color coded as: GirlsBoys, or Gender Neutral


1. Adhara-Pronounced a-DAH-rah. Arabic, Greek and Hebrew origin meaning virgin, beauty, noble, praised, exalted. Adhara is in the constellation Canis Major nd the 19th brightest star in the sky.

2. Alathfar-Pronounced a-lath-fahr.  Arabic meaning the talons of the swooping eagle. It is a star in the constellation Lyra. 

3. Altair-Pronounced al-tehr. Arabic meaning bird. Altair is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila and the 12th brightest star in the night sky. This name is quickly becoming popular and can be used for either gender

4. Alya-Pronounced al-ya. Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Slavonik meaning ascending, sky, heaveny. A star in the constellation of Serpens.

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5. Bellatrix-Pronounced bell-uh-trix. Latin meaning female warrior. This is a star in the constellation of Orion. Bellatrix is well known as a Harry Potter character.

6. Castor-Pronounced ka-str. Greek for beaver, he who excels, shines. A famous twin in Greek mythology. The alpha star of the constellation Gemini.

7. Electra-Pronounced el-ek-truh.  Greek meaning amber, shining, incandescent. A blue-white giant star in the constellation Taurus.

8. Hadar-Pronounced ha-dahr. Hebrew meaning splendor, glory. Gender neutral. Hadar is a triple star system in the constellation of Centaurus.

9. Hamal-Pronounced ha-mahl. Arabic origin meaning lamb. The brightest star in the zodiac constellation Aries.

Bootes constellation

10. Izar-Pronounced EYE-zar or EE-zar. Basque meaning star. Can be both masculine or feminine. It is a binary star in the constellation of Boötes.

11. Keid-Pronounce key-id. Arabic for eggshells. A triple star system in the southern constellation of Eridanus.

12. Kuma-Pronounced ku-ma. Japanese meaning bear. Kuma is a double star in the constellation Draco.

13. Merak-Pronounced mae-rak. Possibly turkish meaning joy, wonder. This star is part of the constellation Ursa Major.

14. Mira-Pronounced meer-ah. Latin meaning wonderful, peace, female ruler, ocean. The star Mira is in the constellation Cetus.

16. Mizar- Pronounced mi-zar. Hebrew origin meaning little. This star is in the handle of the Big Dipper(Ursa Major) constellation.

17. Nash-Pronounced na-sh. Middle English meaning by the ash tree. Nash is a star in the constellation of Sagittarius.

18. Rana-Pronounced rah-na. Arabic meaning glittering object, noticeable. Also means King in Sanskrit. This star from the constellation of Eridanus.

Mother laying baby down on bed19.

Rigel-Pronounced RYE-jel. Arabic meaning the left leg(foot) of the giant. Rigel is a star from the Orion constellation.

20. Sarin- Pronounced Sare-ehn. Arabic meaning kind, helpful. Sarin is a star system in the constellation of Hercules.

21.Shaula- Pronounced sha-u-la or sh-ou-la Arabic meaning raised tail. Shaula is the second brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius.

22.Sirius- Pronounced sir-e-us. Greek for burning or glowing. This star is the brightest star in the night sky. Also well known as a character in the Harry Potter books.

23.Talitha- Pronounced ta-LEE-tha or TAL-a-thah. Arabic for young girl. This is a star system in the constellation of Ursa Major.

24. Thuban- Prnounced thu-behn.  Arabic meaning the basilisk. It is a star system in the constellation of Draco.

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25. Zaniah- Pronounced zah-ny-ah. Arabic meaning corner. Zaniah is a star system in thee constellation of Virgo.





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There are so many wonderful star baby names for your new addition to the family that these are just a few of them. Check out our other articles for more astronomy names and star facts here.

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