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remembered forever

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remembered forever

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Easy starmap jewelry tool
Quick And Easy
Use our simple tool to create your own custom Star Map Jewelry™ piece.
Star map jewelry styles
Choose Your Style
Design your custom star map necklace to match your style. Just constellations, constellations and stars, or just the stars in the dark night sky.
Stylish night stars pendant
Personalize Your Jewelry Piece
Make it yours by adding your custom message to the back of your precious piece. Add the address and date of your special moment or add a short message.

Keep the Stars In Your Hands

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products in a timely manner.
Design Your Moment

Design Your Moment

Choose what you want your necklace to look like with stars and constellations, the date and the location of the star map, and the option of a personalized engraved message for your own unique star map necklace.

High Quality

The Highest Quality

We use the highest quality metals for your special jewelry. Design your custom star map necklace with 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled, or
925 sterling silver metals.

Fast Shipping

Fast and Free Shipping

Your star map necklace ships out quickly and always with a tracking number. Free shipping is included with a purchase of $35 or more (in the US).

Text engraved on starmap necklace
Holding Starmap Pendant Pendant

Star map pendant metals materials Engraved starmap necklace Star map pendant metals materials