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Most Likely Candidates for Life in Our Solar System

Which planets or moons could host life in our solar system? The presence of extraterrestrial life has been a common theme in popular culture for generations. While aliens are often presented as fictional characters, there’s more evidence than ever before that lifeexists beyond our planet. A revealing U.S. intelligence report from June 2021 reported substantive evidence of unidentified aerial phenomena identified by the U.S. military. A study by the Pew Research Center the same month reported that 65% of Americans are confident that intelligent life exists on other planets. Astronomers and researchers believe that if life, in whatever form, does indeed exist elsewhere in space, there are some places where it is more likely to develop and thrive than others....

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The Hipparcos Space Mission

Launched in 1989 by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Hipparcos space experiment set out to precisely catalog the placement of stars within our solar system and measure their distances between the earth and each other. During the four years following its launch, it cataloged nearly 120,000 stars. This high-quality scientific data contributed greatly to academic research and scientific literature, helping astronomers and astrophysicists make new findings and improve on existing experiments.

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Space Rock, Shooting Stars, and What They Represent

There are various terms for the chunks of space rock that soar through our solar system. To many of us casually observing or learning about them, they can appear to be quite similar in nature and function. However, to the scientists that study and research them, there are distinct differences between comets, meteors, asteroids, and other types of solar debris.

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Astronomy vs Astrology

What They Are and How They’re Different Though astronomy and astrology sound like almost the same word, and both involve the study of the stars, they are vastly different subjects.   Having said this, historically these two subjects were indistinguishable from one another and could be considered part of the same science.   Astrology and astronomy were intertwined since accurate observations were made by the astronomers of the past by which astrologers used to prescribe meaning about the events that took place on Earth.   This was the case for thousands of years before the disciplines gradually separated as scientific methods developed and social thought changed. By the 17th century, astrology was disregarded as a scholarly subject altogether. Astronomy vs...

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How Ancient People used the Stars to Travel

While all of us today carry around sophisticated navigation tools in our pockets, things weren’t so easy for our ancestors. In ancient times, finding one’s relative position on the earth required creative use of instruments and techniques passed down through generations. Primarily, people had to rely on what they could see around and above them in order to find their place in the world — landmarks, land masses, stars, and constellations.

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Star Map Jewelry Gifts for Your Loved One

Is there someone you love so much that you want to give them the most unique and special gift? Have you been thinking about the best gift that will melt their heart or make them cry? There are so many choices out there. But if you want your loved one to feel really special, gift them a customized star map jewelry piece. Surprise your loved one with a very special gift that will last forever.

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