Star Map Jewelry Gifts for Your Loved One

Are you in love?

Is there someone you love so much that you want to give them the most unique and special gift? Have you been thinking about the best gift that will melt their heart or make them cry?

Something that says thanks for being there with all the things you’ve gone through together, the ups and downs, the happy and sad moments. What gift can you give to someone that’s close to your heart? There are so many choices out there. But if you want your loved one to feel really special, gift them a customized star map jewelry piece. Surprise your loved one with a very special gift that will last forever. 


What is star map jewelry? It is a piece of jewelry that shows the constellations and stars on the given date from a specific location.

It is quick and easy. Use our simple tool to create your own custom star map jewelry piece. Choose your metal, input the date, and input location to design your own custom star map necklace.




Star Map Jewelry offers three different metals:





14k Rose Gold Filled





14k Gold Filled





925 Sterling Silver

At StarMapJewelry, our star data is derived from the Hipparcos space mission conducted by the European Space Agency so you receive the most accurate star map for your special moment in time.


So why not give your loved one the night sky to wear around their neck?

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